Pump Rooms, Bath (Grade 1 listed building)

Client: Bath & North East Somerset Council Project value: £175k

‘Originally completed in 1799; this is now one of Bath’s most loved historic venues.’

Our Brief

Removal of existing natural slate and asbestos cement tiles and underlay from the roof, followed by renewal with hand-cut Welsh slate and vapour-permeable underlay. Insulation of the loft space with lambswool; decoration of external roof joinery.

Works and special challenges

Because this is a Grade 1 listed building with underground cellars extending beyond the building`s walls, the scaffolding was designed to spread loading across a wide area. It also had to be counterbalanced as it couldn’t be fixed to the face of the building. All materials were manually handled to and from the roof.

Works were directly above the Pump Rooms restaurant, which remained open throughout. We therefore installed safety netting to prevent tradesmen, materials and equipment falling onto the ceiling below. The ceiling and cornice was inspected daily to ensure that no cracks appeared due to vibration.

Being in the centre of Bath, the surrounding area is extremely busy with tourists and visitors. This meant that deliveries had to be carefully co-ordinated to avoid the busiest times (they were typically made before 7:00am).

Given the building’s particular historical interest, we erected hoarding around the scaffolding’s base and applied a covering wrap. This mimicked the building’s natural stone facade and helped the site blend into its surroundings.

Main areas of expertise

  • Asbestos removal
  • Slate tiling
  • Leadworks
  • Carpentry
  • Decoration
  • Insulation
  • Repointing

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