Office building fit out, renovations and refurbishments

Minimising disruption in occupied areas demands careful planning, regular communication and a flexible approach to working hours. This is another area where attention to detail, well over 100 years’ experience and a thirst for learning new techniques endears us to building owners and operators like you. Experience shows it’s as easy to phase deliveries, schedule work and work with sensitivity in ‘live’ building environments as it is to be disruptive. Imagine how we’ll help your next fit out, renovation or refurbishment go smoothly…

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Historic building renovations and refurbishments

We thrive on the challenge of caring for your historic building and part of Britain’s architectural heritage. You can trust us because we’ve successfully looked after restorations and refurbishments in Grade 1 and Grade 2 listed heritage buildings for decades. In fact, when you’ve operated as long as we have, the business has actually grown alongside that same architecture. Clients and connoisseurs of the built environment appreciate this when building work is required inside or outside their architectural treasure. How would your historic building benefit?

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Healthcare property renovations and refurbishments

Sensitivity to patients, staff and visitors is everything as we plan and deliver another healthcare project. So’s programming, co-ordination, communication and deploying skilled people who know the ins and outs of working around specialist medical services. Each project starts with a reassuringly thorough survey before we work closely with your consulting engineers to minimise disruption. Health & Safety takes on a new dimension around the young, infirm and vulnerable. From aspergillus in the building fabric to negative-pressure dust avoidance, we work safely for everyone’s peace of mind. Imagine what that means for you…

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Education property renovations and refurbishments

opacitySchool’s out and the clock’s ticking for all the building works scheduled for completion before your students return. How do we make it happen? Forethought, attention to detail at tender stage, close supplier liaison and years of experience working for schools, colleges and other educational institutions are the keys. What’s more, having a CRB-checked and directly employed team means we can easily deploy skilled people to meet tight completion deadlines in educational establishments like yours…

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